Welcome to Lil T’s Boer Goats

We are most proud to offer solid black full blood Boer goats that we purchased from League Ranch in Texas. It was a 14 hour drive one way to pick them up, but after getting these beautiful goats it was worth it. We purchased 5 Solid black full blood breeding does and a Solid black full blood herd sire.  We purchased these so we would be able to offer Solid black Boer goats for sale in Kentucky. We love the look of these magnificent animals.  League Ranch was the very first breeders to establish a solid black Boer goat.  We had searched for Solid Black Boer Goats for sale in Kentucky, but we were unable to find them, anywhere near the quality of these animals. We have had costumers from all the surrounding states and have even sold goats to people in Alabama, Georgia, and even Navada.

We are also proud to offer spotted and dappled full blood boer goats for sale in Kentucky.  We have purchased some spots from the Fern Hollow farm and we have also have some from Billy and Jennifer richardson’s farm.  So we are slowly building or spotted herd up and will be offering spotted full blood boer goats for sale soon.   goats3                                                                                                              We now have solid black boer goats, spotted boer goats, solid red boer goats, red paint boer goats, black paint boer goats, and traditional Boer goats in our herd.  Our goal is to offer quality, muscle, and lots of color in our full blood Boer goats for sale in Kentucky.  With our three herd sires we are sure that we can achieve this goal.  Our sire consist of a solid black boer buck, a black spotted boer buck, and a red spotted boer buck.  We will be able to offer some great full blood Boer bucks for sale and full blood Boer does for sale.

Our Boer goat bloodlines include a number of well known South African Boer goats including DSM War Paint (Ennobled), Sir Edmond (Ennobled), Sasquatch (Ennobled), NBBG Renoir (Ennobled), Eggsfile (Ennobled), Eggsplicit (Ennobled), 2SIS 76K Sherman (Ennobled), Eggstrasensory Preception (Ennobled), Bodacious Paji, 5CG Kaptein’s 5-Star General.  We are a member of the International Boer Goat Assosciation.


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